Friday, July 1, 2016

Quote of the Day

There is a difference between craft and success.  Craft is when you have a profound sense of gratitude that you even get to do this.  Craft is when you relish the details.  Craft is your awareness that all the hours you're putting in are adding up to something, that they're producing in you skill and character and substance.  Craft is when you meet up with someone else who's serious about her craft and you can talk for hours about the subtle nuances and acquired wisdom of the work.  Craft is when you realize that you're building muscles and habits that are helping you do better what you do.  Craft is when you have a deep respect for the form and shape and content of what you're doing.  Craft is when you see yourself [as] part of a long line of people who have done this particular work.  Craft is when you're humbled because you know that no matter how many years you get to do this, there will always be room to learn and grow.

-- Rob Bell, How to Be Here, p. 82

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