Friday, October 23, 2015

Quote of the Day

A good friend of mine from college said the nicest thing about my last book, Supergirl Mixtapes; she told me that it made her feel seen.  It made me think about how, even with all the zillion channels and Internet video and everything, there are so many people who don't see themselves in mainstream media, and they don't feel like the mainstream is seeing them.  It made me think about the kind of girls that we were in college, and our friends -- baby artists, queer kids, enthralled with punk rock, reading poetry, hanging about in a dorm room watching a bootleg VHS of Decline of Western Civilization.  I want to write books for those kids, the ones who would rather make art than go to a frat party.  Back in high school, even my teachers called me weird.  But so what?  There are a lot of us who don't fit into whatever the overriding idea of The Norm is.  So, I guess I want to write just to say hello to my fellow weirdos.  Hi, weirdos.  I see you.  You see me.  We're not alone out here.  It's gonna be okay.

-- Meagan Brothers, "Talking Writing, Identity, and Music with Meagan Brothers"

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