Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quote of the Day

Clearly religious conscience and authority of God in itself are never enough and have been used to devastating effect in America and around the world. There has to be another test and Martin Luther King offered the most concise example of that. His entire life's work was to make the world more equal, more just, and to extend Jesus' vision of the Kingdom of God to all people. He was guided by a deeply spiritual conviction of love that transformed many hearts and he is the highest example of a Christian that America has produced. Kim Davis is going to jail for precisely the opposite reason. Instead of striving for a more inclusive world, she is going to jail in her desire to exclude. Instead of seeking justice for all, she was the obstacle to justice for gay couples. Instead of showing God's love for all, she is stingy in her understanding of love. Her actions, although she claims they are guided by God and love, have bruised and hurt the very people she was elected to serve. Here's a simple guide: If your love feels like hate then it is not love. If you are using God to denigrate and humiliate then it is not God.

-- Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, "No, Kim Davis Is Not Martin Luther King, Jr."

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