Monday, September 19, 2016

Quote of the Day

I also noticed I suddenly found myself listening to taxicab type confessions from those who had just learned I was a lesbian.  A number of people shared with me their stories of their secret same sex experiences.  One went so far as to describe their participation in an online porn site.  I checked for the "tell me your dirt" sign that someone must have placed on my forehead.  I wanted to believe that because I had shared something personal they felt the green light to do likewise.  I suspect it had more to do with the overall negative opinion the world holds with regard to homosexuality.  I was naive to be optimistic that they saw a sympathetic soul rather than a deviant one.  Many equate being gay with living in a way that is not in alignment with what is believed to be the right way.  Instead of being upset and offended, I concluded these conversations were merely a way to relate to one another and a way to reassure ourselves we are not outcasts or deviants.

-- Dawn Elizabeth Waters, Switching Teams, p. 58-59

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