Friday, September 23, 2016

Quote of the Day

I believed I was still Dawn.  Being a lesbian was one small part of me.  I thought once the initial shock of the situation had worn off many who reacted negatively would circle back because they would realize I was still me.  After that first year, it became clear to me how naive I was.  I had failed to truly consider other people's opinions about this "lifestyle" I now subscribed to.  For some, this is a deal breaker of sorts.  I felt very confused by this and wondered what in the hell was going on.  I had many individuals who were very supportive, friends and family alike, however, there seemed to be a definite change in a lot of people after this information came to light.  I thought long and hard about the reasons and kept coming to a point where [I] was looking around and wondering where everyone went.

-- Dawn Elizabeth Waters, Switching Teams, p. 62

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