Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quote of the Day

In the years since (Love in Action), I've had to spend so much time catching up with other people, learning how to believe in a world that no longer teems with angels and demons.  Every time I've read a book or ingested a new historical fact that my Baptist upbringing taught me to reject, I've had to fight against the sneaking suspicion that I am being lead astray by Satan.  In the message boards and hidden ex-ex-gay Facebook groups I will join, I'll see others talking about their own attempted suicides, and I'll glimpse in these confessions elements so remarkably similar to my own that they will seem, for a moment, to issue directly from my mind.  I will see people talk about losing their families, about the yearly trials they've faced as winter holidays approached and the loneliness threatened to overwhelm them once again.

-- Garrard Conley, Boy Erased, p. 334-335

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