Friday, October 7, 2016

Quote of the Day

When you hear the words gay pride followed by festival or parade, I bet a picture of flamboyant, shirtless, buff men wearing thongs on a float comes into your head.  If not that, definitely a rainbow waving group of rambunctious individuals pops into your head.  For most people, this is often what "the lifestyle" looks like ... I can say the same image pops into my head when I think of a sporting event.  Shirtless, beer bellied straight men waving their team flags at a sporting event are never judged to be harmful or extreme or even viewed as obscene or inappropriate ... This behavior is perfectly acceptable because when these painted, spirited folks return home to their wives it is assumed they will not show up to work the next day looking that way.  Alternatively, I do not think most believe all straight men who paint their faces to support their teams and or attend championship parades represent a "lifestyle."  People who attend gay pride parades do not show up at work in parade attire unless they have a career in the performing arts.

-- Dawn Elizabeth Waters, Switching Teams, p. 151

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