Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quote of the Day

You'll find that making the effort to connect is worth the peace of mind it brings -- not to mention a better night's sleep, because you aren't lying awake at night feeling like a terrible person for not emailing so-and-so.  In addition to the feeling of well-being that comes with aligning your actions with your intentions, this empathy practice will result in more meaningful connections.  Not just in terms of what you give, but in terms of what you receive.  Your circle of care will widen, from your best friend to a colleague to a neighbor to a causal acquaintance to even a stranger.  It sounds paradoxical, but it's true: being there in moments of suffering can actually lead to more joy.

-- Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowell, There Is No Good Card for This, p. 8-9

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