Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Quote of the Day

Now that I had left the church, Jason was trying to show me what he had already experienced.  His comment about it being like Christmas reminded me of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, where everyone lives in Halloween Town, and all they know from is a world related to Halloween.  One day the main character Jack Skellington wanders into the forest and finds seven holiday doors and opens a portal to Christmas Town.  Here, for the first time, he finds that there is a world outside of Halloween.  He begins to question all he sees when he continually asks "What's this?"  It was the same thing for me and I imagine for anyone else who has left a cult-like community.  Worlds open up to you that you were previously cut off from.  I now realize that there are plenty of people in the universe doing good things.  Not just Scientologists, as I was falsely led to believe.

-- Leah Remini with Rebecca Paley, Troublemaker, p. 223

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