Sunday, April 17, 2016

Quote of the Day

Many of the [Riot Grrrl] movement's core values, I've come to realize, are as necessary now as they were then.  The early '90s were a difficult time to be a woman, especially a young one, and too little has changed in the intervening decades.  Yet nothing else has emerged since then to confront sexism with a fraction of Riot Grrrl's fire and prophetic drive.  The self-righteous absolutism of adolescence eventually softens its edges, as it must.  But we never stop needing that idealism and energy, that courage to name things as political if they are political and unacceptable if they are unacceptable, that dedication to crafting our lives and our communities on our own terms.  Telling stories is just the beginning.

-- Sara Marcus, Girls to the Front, p. 10-11

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