Monday, April 25, 2016

Quote of the Day

It was hard to blame the [feminist] movement's veterans for backing away from the struggle to fundamentally change what being female might mean.  The front lines could be a punishing, thankless place; those who ventured there were rewarded most often with ridicule, or venom, or worse.  And it hurts to keep losing.  For critiquing domestic roles, feminists were labeled antifamily; for calling out male misbehavior, they were tarred as man haters; for agitating to expand the lexicon of acceptable female appearances, they were caricatured as "someone who is masculine and who doesn't shave her legs and is doing everything she can to deny that she is feminine," as one college senior had described a typical feminist in a 1989 Time magazine article on the subject.

-- Sara Marcus, Girls to the Front, p. 22

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